Folder Tabs Changing Order - How to Stop?

I have DOpus 10 installed but am using the restored backup config from DOpus 9 - the backup was created immediately prior to upgrading to DOpus 10.

I use a dual pane display and I have three folder tabs showing at the bottom of each pane. Two tabs on the Left pane are locked but allowing folder changes. One tab on the Right pane is locked in the same way. All other tabs are unlocked. Whenever I click on a tab to switch to it, the order of the tabs changes. This never happened in DOpus 9 and it is driving me just a little bit crazier in 10!

IOW if the tabs are labeled Tab A, Tab B, and Tab C, in that order, clicking on Tab C will show the contents of that folder tab but the tabs suddenly change their order to Tab C, Tab A, and Tab B. Subsequent clicking on tabs causes similar switched positions.

Has this happened to anyone else? I have DOpus 10.0 installed on Windows 7 Home Premium.



Please post some before & after screenshots of this happening to help us try to reproduce it.


Thanks - I forgot that no notifications are sent for this board so I didn't see this until a little while ago.

I have attached an image showing three iterations of the folder tabs on the right pane:
[ol][li] The first is the tab order for my default lister.[/li]
[li] Second is the tab order after I clicked on the middle tab. Notice the middle tab jumped to the right.[/li]
[li] Third and last is the tab order after clicking on the middle tab again, with the same result.[/li][/ol]

Clicking the first or third tab doesn’t seem to affect the order; only the middle tab. Take note that in the right pane the middle tab is set to "Locked - allow folder changes". In the left pane both the middle and right tabs are set to ""Locked - allow folder changes" also, but the order still only changes when clicking the middle tab.

I probably should post this in another thread but my two optical drives just disappeared from DOpus when viewing the "Computer" drive/folder. They were there a couple minutes ago, then I double-clicked on one of them to access a CD's contents. When I went back to Computer both optical drives are missing! One is a DVD ROM drive and the other is a DVD-RW drive. Both Lite-On.

Thank you.


Shoot - Forgot: can't edit my last post.

Just thought I would mention that both optical drives do show in the folder tree; just won't show in the panes. All options/settings indicate they should show, just like in DOpus 9.


Thank God, i'm not the only one!!
I also have this behaviour from time to time.
I have more than 3 Tabs and sometimes when i click on a tab it will move to the last position.
It happen's not always and not always at the same Tab.....

I'm not support but got bored and wanted to play with this.

Are you guys sure that when you select the tab that you aren't accidentally dragging the mouse a few pixels? When i just tested i found that just dragging any tab just a few pixels would move it to the next spot to the right (left doesn't do it with just a few pixels of dragging). Obviously if the tab was in the middle, it would then go to the end. but if you did that to tab 2 out of 5, it would only go to spot 3.

Remember in v10, the entire tab is now drag-able (icon and name), not just it's icon like in v9

Just a though. Don't hate me! :wink:

actually with some more testing, tabs with just drive letters (no folder names) only go to the right 1 at a time. Tabs with folder names listed go over 2 spots to the right. Maybe it has to do with the length of the tab and how short the ones next to are? (My tabs are set to max 175 and Same size tabs, auto size). Also seems to do it more if you drag to the right and down a little with a fast accidental drag.

IDK, that's my 2 cents. Might not have anything to do with it :slight_smile: but i have gotten tabs to look like they jump to the end if i was dragging from spot 3 out of 5

Yep, more playing.

It doesn't seem to be the type of text that's in a tab name (drive letter or folder name) but that once you start dragging a tab, all other tabs shrink to display just the text and nothing else. So my max size tabs of 175 means even if it shows C:\ or Computer, all the tabs are the same size. Once I start dragging a tab, that C:\ tabs shrinks so only C:\ shows with no extra space. Computer shrinks a little too. So if the accidental dragging on clicking/selecting a tab is the cause and you have max size tabs like me, the new spot (where the mouse courser started and ended) is now further to the right so once the button is released, it looks like the tab jumped to the end.

This can also happen with no max size set to tabs but still having "same size tabs". If you have C:, D:, E:, and Computer open as tabs. Computer is in spot 2 and you drag it to move the tab, the remaining 3 tabs shrink a lot since Computer is I guess not considered in the size anymore. Drag Computer that's in spot 2, only move it a few pixels to start a drag, now let go, it goes to the end. Because the 2 tabs to it's right got smaller in size.

This only is true if the accidental dragging is accruing though. Still just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

Ok, I'm done testing :wink:

No, I'm not dragging any tabs. I've been using tabs the same way for four years now and this just started. I didn't just develop a case of the shakes! This is occurring when I click - dragging isn't part of the problem, at least not here.

Thank you.


Same here.
I'm surely NOT moving. Just clicking on the Tab.
And as stated the tab move to the very right position, not jjust one spot.

BUT after installing (just made a few test right now) it seems gone for me.
I will further investigate and reply later.


10.02?? I wish there was notification for the new builds/updates. I think I have the regular DOpus 10 Check for Updates setting at Weekly but a separate notification for beta/pre-release interim builds that pops automatically (if a setting is configured to do so) would help a lot! Just for comparison Evernote has just such a notification function for Pre-release versions.

Now I'll check out 10.02, though if that build is supposed to address this tabs-moving issue it would be nice if a post was made in this thread.

Thank you.


There's no notification for beta updates. We assume people who are keen enough to try beta versions will subscribe to or keep an eye on the blog RSS feed, twitter, or forum.

Sorry for my false positive on this behaviour in my above post.
It also happens in, but for me, not so often as in
Can't explain why, can't explain what's the trigger for that. But the fact is, that since i've installed it has occured 3 Times.
Maybe if i had time, do some more testing.

If you're seeing this issue, please post a screenshot of Settings -> Preferences -> Folder Tabs -> Options.

We've found & fixed one possible caused of this, but not completely sure it's what you're seeing.

Here's a Screenshot of my Settings.

Does this still happen in (link in my sig)?

Hi Leo

I am still seeing this misbehavior with Seen to be linked to when other operation is happening as well, ie a folder with a large of files is being refreshed or an external drive is coming out of sleep and you try and change tabs the tab clicked on moves to the last position.


Does it matter where you click on the tab (e.g. left or right half of it)?

It is intermittsnt and not always repeatable. I can only make it happen at the moment from clicking on the right of the tab not the icon.