Folder tree - network folder icons not showing

Network folder icons are not showing in the folder tree or - mac drives (writable via Paragopn HFS+)

Are the folder icons completely missing and blank, just empty space? Or something else?

Is Preferences / Folders / Folder Display / Show generic icons for... turned on?

Just a yellow folder image

What about the second paragraph?

I ticked it but no change

It should be turned off. I was just asking if it was on; I should have been clearer, sorry.

How have the icons on these folders been changed?

Do the custom icons show in File Explorer on the same machine?

Windows doesn't normally allow you to change the icons of network folders. (And it wouldn't really make sense, since the icon you specified might not exist or be in the same location on every machine that can access the folders.)

It looks like it lets you choose a folder picture for thumbnails mode (I'm not sure how that works with different clients, unless it copies the image to the folder), but not icons.

I use a folder iocon changer program

What's the program, so we can try it?

What about the other questions I asked?

I turned the generic folder option off

I used MSTech Folder Icon Pro

Yes the custom icons show in File Explorer on the same machine

Just realised you probably need to turn this on:

It's off by default since it can cause major performance issues, you can't normally set custom icons on network drives, and when you do it often doesn't work due to the paths involved. But if you want them, you can turn them on there.

Great working now thanks

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My network custom folder icons are no longer showing in either the tree or the lister

My network custom folder icons are no longer showing in either the tree or the lister

You solved it once before. What have you changed since it was working?

We have no real information to go on here, given that you said it was solved earlier.

Did you check the settings already mentioned above to see if they have been changed?

I didn't change anything. However I just toggled it on and off and the labels for my PC and the dividers I created now have a black squares on in place of blanks

Only in the folder tree, or in the file display as well for the same folders?

What do you see in File Explorer's folder tree for the same locations?

How are labels involved here? Those could be messing up your icons. What is your label setup?

Edit: Based on what you mentioned in Separators between Favourites in Folder Tree - #12 by wickett, I'd say your labels are clearing the folder icons entirely. But it depends what those labels are assigned to.

I have reverted to a backup now.

The icons are showing in the file explorer

I don't understand how labels or assignements work. Is there a tutorial on this? I cannot find any practical examples in the help file.

Now when I add folders to the tree they show a disk icon with a question mark

Also when I add a folder called EBOOKS & TUTORIALS it is renamed to EBOOKS && TUTORIALS in the editor