For each Opus window a different icon color



-> Preferences -> Display -> Colors and fonts -> Other colors -> "File display icon"

you can change the color of the icon of an dopus WINDOW (only) concerning 'Source', 'Destination', 'Off', 'Dual Lister'.

I have open several dopus windows often.

-» So it would be great if I could define for each Dopus-window a different (predefined)STANDARD-icon-color because quicker to see and to differentiate these windows - how I wrote: predefined, which means independent of 'Source', 'Destination', 'Off', 'Dual Lister'...

... with the consequence, Dopus knows which window with which windows (standard) icon color, here are some suggestions for telling the program how to know which time to display the predefined Dopus-window icons:

  1. via some (but also only a part of!) predefined directories pathes (with 'plus' icon in settings to add more directories, with which you work often) like "c:\temp*" OR exactly: "c:\temp\abc"

    AND as a precautionary addition:

  2. possibility to define some predefined windows icon colors in settings, which you can after easily select from a drop-down menu in each window, also with the question if you want to save this color for this directory path.

What do you think? - Maybe you have further possibilities, too ;-).

It would be great for me and other people.

Thanks and best regards.

Any plans/news/suggestions?

Where would you be looking for the icons? Are you using the Taskbar with grouping turned off, or is it for something else?

If grouping is on on the taskbar then the main program icon (always yellow) gets used for the group as a whole, but individually colored icons could show up when you hovered over it.

We could probably provide a way for scripts to override the icon colors for individual windows, if that would give you a way to do what you want. I'd like to understand more what the use-case is though.

... yes, in the toolbar/task bar and also in the notification icons bar = system tray (located next to the clock on WIN7/WIN 2008R2 Server). -» In order to display several open DOPUS windows in the system tray as icons, I use the program rbtray ( = "RBTray is a small Windows program that runs in the background and allows almost any window to be minimized to the system tray by right clicking its minimize button").
I don't use groups/grouping.

In the following screenshot you might see what I mean:

A way for scripts to override the icon colors for individual windows sounds good, but it would be perhaps more better, if you could do it as I have described above :wink:

I'm in the same boat. I do not use grouping, it means unnecessary clicks each time, but I often end up with several of these blue-icon DO taskbar entries, which I sometimes need to click through to get back to the correct DO window. I usually use ctrl-tab though, so this is not a major issue for me.

If these windows would open with differently colored icons, I would still find my way back more easy.
Maybe add S or D in letters to free up yellow and red. (Actually, I never got around the color scheme behind source, dest..).

I would vote for source being red and destination being green. That's how I set the colors in the file display path bar, to indicate where any action will take place (red) and where it's safe/items won't be affected (green).

I would vote against that, but that is solely based on the colour of my football teams' rivals :smile:

Whether the source and/or destination should be red or green can already be defined in the settings (see above). BUT unfortunately a window that was originally defined as source changes AUTOMATICALLY change to a target window (with a different color), e.g. when opening a new DOPUS window. - O.K. this is a problem.

But I would like to have several(!) PREDEFINED (main) directories (e.g. C:\temp1*, C:\temp2*, C:\temp3*, C:\temp4*, C:\temp5*, C:\temp1\temp00*, C:\temp1\temp02*, C:\temp1\temp03*, C:\temp6\temp10*) FIXED "File display icons" für each DOPUS-window in several different colors (+7), which NEVER change automatically, but EVERY DOPUS-window always has exactly this ICON-color, which I have assigned to the respective window with the just mentioned specification of (each) main directory predefined.

For the beginning it would be good, if you could define under

-> Preferences -> Display -> Colors and fonts -> Other colors -> "File display icon"

with a "+"- button even MORE colors (with an own description)
as well as a deactivation button for the automatic changing of this icon color by Dopus would be present :wink:

Hi Leo,
on 09.05.2019 you wrote:

Do you think it is possible that you could write such a script (please) until a realization of the wish in the program itself?
Thanks in advance + Best regards

It would need a code change, since there is no way to do what you want right now even with a script.

Sounds like a good feature. +1 for developing such.

It would need a code change, since there is no way to do what you want right now even with a script.

Leo, okay, I understand.
(1) Do you think that you will be able to write/implement this into source code in one of the next beta versions for testing?
(2) Until then: Can you tell me where or with which option I can deactivate the permanent AUTOMATIC switching of the (existing limited) icon colors (when changing from one open Dopus window to another, the icon colors of the Dopus windows change from "source" to "target" and vice versa), so that I have fixed (till now: two) icon colors for each opened Dopus-window?

For (2): Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts / File display icon

... I mean the (NOT) AUTOMATIC changing/switching of the icon colors of an dopus -» WINDOW(!) «- plz see the topic of the last messages (and not the icon colors of file display icons).

That is the same setting. Or I have no idea what you mean. :slight_smile:

I mean the color of this icon ...
... in the program top right:
...or in taskbar:

And at > Preferences > Display > Colors and Fonts > File display icon you can only set the colot of FILES and DIRECTORIES:

But how I wrote: If I have opened several Dopus WINDOWS the color if this icon

depending on which window is currently "active" (by clicking on a file in one of the opened Dopus WINDOW) ... and I want to know where I can deactivate this automatic changeover.

The three colours used for the icon are set in the "Other Colors" section ("Weitere Farben" in your screenshot). In English the entry is called "File display icon" and I'm assuming in German it's "Dateianzeigesymbol".

Jon, thx. and yes ... you can set the colors here - how I already wrote in my first message of Mar 28:

-> Preferences -> Display -> Colors and fonts -> Other colors -> "File display icon"

... but until the development of the request mentioned at the beginning I would to know first, where I can DEACTIVATE the described automatic(!) changeover of the color of these icon. Thx.

Set them all to the same colour.

... and then how can I visually DIFFERENCE the contents of the individual windows on the basis of the icon color of the windows, if they get the same icon color (!-> this is the sense of my original request or these whole posts)?