Free thumbnails viewer for EPS, PDF 32/64 bit and many more

I see many topics on this forum regarding correct thumbnails for pdf and eps and all of them don't have clear way how to make things done. So I want to show how to enable thumbnails of eps, pdf and many image formats for both 64 and 32 bit.

And we won't spent any money for this. Let's go.

  1. Install XChange Viewer:

Shell extensions should be checked when installing.

Tracker site is misleading as it states viewer is free on the one place and offer just to try it for free on another. But you can use this software for free indeed, the only difference is advanced features.

After installation we will get something like this:


  1. Install cool free GPL software SageThumbs for viewing image thumbnails in Explorer. It works for DOpus as well. Download: (old URL:

Eps files preview:


SageThumbs states AI support via GhostScript, so it works only if pdf compatibility was checked while saving .ai file.

Now you will have thumbnails for a lot of image and postscript formats within DOpus. AI preview works only if file was saved with pdf compatibility. SageThumbs offer pdf preview option too, but it is unstable, it's better to use XChange for this.

But the most exciting thing for me from SageThumbs is images preview even in table view:


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I installed SageThumbs and GhostScript and see all image files icons as thumbnails, but still don't get PDF icons as thumbnails.

What could be wrong here?

This might be a better place to ask about SageThumbs ->

OK thanks Leo, I'll ask there also.

I thought maybe @Totalto would know what to do since it seems he has got it to work.


is there a way to increase the thumbnail sizes of PDF thumbnail images previewed via PDF x-changer?

Max size is 256 px, but I have some architectural drawings that are 24"x36" and some regular 8.5x11 PDF's that I'd like to be able to read any large text on it.


I think on our side we ask for the maximum size you have Opus set to, and from the screenshot it looks like something smaller is returned (or something smaller that has been scaled up).

That might be because PDF-XChange limits the size, or it might be because it is using an embedded thumbnail within the PDF files which is too small. So it could also be due to the software that creates the PDF files, rather than PDF-XChange.

It's mostly a black box to us, and not our code, so you might get a better answer form the PDF-XChange authors.