Freeze colums to here does not work

Previous versions did not have freeze colums to here, so when I opened dopus I always got to see the full directory name, but with this new feature it does not work everything is compressed i have to everytime adjust it manually it does not make a difference if I use the feature or not.

I have a 57 inch samsung monitor, but that shoud not make a difference, when I adjust it to the right size (the colums) it stays in place until I close dopus and reopen a lister

Freeze Columns To Here isn't about column widths, it's about what happens when you scroll horizontally.

Settings > Set Lister Defaults (or "Set as Default Lister" if using toolbars from an old version). Then choose Save the default folder format.

Alternatively: Folder Formats: Quick Guide

Thank you, I got that wrong but even with the right procedure it does not work, I widen the colum save it as described it does not remain there when I return to that lister

Open Folder > Folder Format (or Folder Options, if using old menus) and see what the column widths and modes are set to there. Some modes may override manual resizing.