Freezes when right clicking folders

DO keeps freezing nearly every time I right click on a folder or file in the lister. It becomes totally unresponsive and I have to kill the process using Task Manager. If I then restart it - it works for a bit and will eventually lock up again. This is a new symptom within the last month. I've uninstalled and reinstalled DO but am still experiencing the issue. Please help!

The problem will almost certainly be due to a third party shell extension something else has installed.

Here's how to find and fix it:

If you send us some manually-generated dumps, we may be able to work out which component is causing the problem for you:

Thanks for sending the info on troubleshooting. I installed DebugView and turned on context_menu_debug. It looks like the problem was an issue with Microsoft OneDrive. I uninstalled it and the problem went away. Now I'm going to reinstall and hope it doesn't return.