Freezing when ejecting USB drive (BitDefender)

Whenever I right-click on my USB drive and choose "eject" Opus freezes and I have to restart it. This does not happen when I use File Explorer.

Please send us some process snapshots made during the freeze and we'll take a look:

Thanks for sending the snapshots.

It looks like an issue caused by BitDefender. The snapshots all show it is getting involved in the right-click menu code (not sure why) and is then hanging inside a SendMessage call:

It's possibly making invalid assumptions about the host process it has hooked, but I can only guess as I don't know what it's trying to do or have the source code to it.

This isn't something we can fix or work around, but if you send the same snapshots to BitDefender they may be able to work out why their component is freezing and fix it.

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Thanks for taking a look. It means that I have to use File Explorer when I use my thumb drive. Disappointing.

Or a different antivirus, if you don't think BitDefender will fix their bug. But why not report the bug to them like you did to us?

I am in the process. But sadly, in the meantime, I am using File Explorer with my thumb drive.