After renaming a number of files/documents, the software freezes. I then have to close it down via the toolbar (as the x in the top right corner does not work at this point). I do not get this in other software. Any suggestions on how to solve this issue?

How many files of what type(s)? That may point to a shell extension that's reacting to the rename, for example.

What type of folder are you renaming inside? (Local SSD, network drive, inside an archive, FTP, etc.)

How long did you wait?

If you make some process snapshots while the freeze is happening, we may be able to use those to see if it's Opus or another component causing the delay, and suggest what to do from there: Manually generating process snapshots

The files are all in One Drive on the PC, The files are either PDF or Word documents. The freezing usually happens after probably about fifteen minutes. As far as I am aware there are no shell extensions. I will try and do the process shots and send them separately.