FTP filelist - Date column shows wrong year

Lister FTP connection is showing some files with the wrong year, e.g. a file having a date of 30th June 2018 is showing as 30/06/2019 when it should be 30/06/2018. Some files are showing a Modified Date that is in the future.This obviously makes sorting by date impossible. Is there any setting I should be looking at to solve this issue?

This is not consistent and is only affecting a subset of the files.

It could be due to the server using a non-standard date format in directory listings, although the fact it only affects some files and is inconsistent is strange.

Which FTP server is it running?

Have you checked what happens with other FTP clients?

Hi Leo,
Thanks for responding.

The FTP Server is Cerberus v8.0 running on a hosted WIn7 machine with all the correct regional settings.

I have access to the machine via TeamViewer and file dates are shown correctly when viewing with win explorer.

new edit:
I have just tested with FileZilla FTP Client and all is OK. So this is obviously a Lister issues.

If you look at the log pane in FileZilla, which command is it sending to get the directory listings?

Is this what you mean :

Status: Connecting to
Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message...
Response: 220-Welcome to Cerberus FTP Server
Response: 220 Created by Cerberus, LLC
Command: AUTH TLS
Response: 234 Authentication method accepted
Status: Initializing TLS...
Status: Verifying certificate...
Status: TLS connection established.
Command: USER qssl
Response: 331 User qssl, password please
Command: PASS *********
Response: 230 Password Ok, User logged in
Command: CLNT FileZilla
Response: 200 Command okay
Command: OPTS UTF8 ON
Response: 200 UTF8 support on
Command: PBSZ 0
Response: 200 PBSZ=0
Command: PROT P
Response: 200 PROT P OK, data channel will be secured
Status: Logged in
Status: Retrieving directory listing...
Command: PWD
Response: 257 "/" is the current directory
Status: Directory listing of "/" successful

Strange, it shows every command except the one used to get the directory listing at the end.

Back in Opus, try editing the site's bookmark entry, and on the Misc tab, turn on "Use custom LIST command" and set it to LIST.

Trying with LIST -alF is also worth a shot, if that doesn't work.

Toggling the Use MLST option is also worth trying.

After saving each change, I would use File > Exit Directory Opus to ensure no cached connections to the site remain, then test the results. (May not be needed, but avoids potential confusion if the settings aren't in effect yet.)

It has had no effect.

In case it's any help:
I do some work with FTP Directories in my Delphi applications. I use the WinInet function FtpFindFirstFile to retrieve and display the same information as Lister does and have no issues with file dates.

We've been able to reproduce this issue now and know what's causing it. We should have a fix in the next beta version (which will probably be out later this week) so you can give it a try.

The latest beta is out now and has the fix for this.