FTP password issue

Up until a few days ago the FTP login was working correctly....it didn't ask for a password.

Now, when I log in it asks me for a password even though the password is already in the site configuration.

I can either type in the password or hit escape and the FTP site will be available.

Suggestions and how to get DO not to ask for a password?



What does the FTP log window say leading up to the first password prompt?

If nothing changed on the Opus side then presumably something has changed on the site side? Does the log show it rejecting the first password or anything like that?

The below window shows up:

I can either type in the password or hit escape and then the FTP site is available.

I did wipe my computer of all software (was having Bluescreen issues) and reloaded everything BUT it worked for a couple of days and then, it started asking for the password..

What does the log say?

What does the log say?

Not sure what you mean by "log".

I looked in DO and I didn't see anything that ended in .log.



This is how you find the log:

here it is:

Note: I'd just like it to login without having to insert the password every time I open DO.

Are you sure the password you have stored in the address book is correct?

I just retyped it in the address book and when it came up and asked me for the password, I type the same password and it accepted it.

That does seem odd, especially if it was working for two days and then stopped without any changes being made to the Opus side.

Have you tried using another FTP client to see if it can connect and authenticate on its first attempt?

During those two days, did you install anything which might modify the behaviour of network connections, e.g. anti-virus or firewall software?

It's also possible something on the server itself has changed.

I was having Bluescreen issues and wiped the entire drive and re-installed all the software from scratch.

After I set up all the passwords and stuff everything was working just fine.

I normally let the computer run 24/7 but I decided to turn it off for the weekend and ever since it asks for for the password.

One thing: its seems it tries to connect to the FTP and then ask for a password even if I've not selected selected the FTP....I don't think it did that before but not sure.

Is there a way eliminate the auto FTP connection? This way I could just use the quick connect when I want to use it.


P.S. should I try re-installing DO?

What triggers that connection?

When I start DO in the lower left hand corner I see "mysite.com: logging in" and then the password box comes up.

If I insert password the FTP appears at the default folder.

If I hit the escape key the FTP also appears but not at the default folder.

I figured it out.

There was a TAB that was requesting a folder and that was causing the FTP to start.

I now remember, a few days ago I saved the current setup as the "default lister" and I forgot to remove the tab.

I appreciate all you help and sorry I forgot about this last save.


BTW: I really like DO and I wish I knew more about it.