Full menu (for Directory Opus 11)

See also: Full Menu (for Directory Opus 12)

This is an attempt to create a menu with almost everything Directory Opus can do. It is mostly based on the default Directory Opus configuration but with a few additions and assembled into menu form. It can be useful as a complement to your toolbars when you need access to some rarely used feature.

The menu defines hotkeys for all menu items that had hotkeys in the default configuration. Since some of these were not part of the toolbars you will get some duplicates. This doesn't really matter.

I also include a version of the menu that does not define any hotkeys.

Download the zip file, unpack it and double click one of the toolbar files. You can then set it up further in Customize Mode. Remember to set the default lister or the default toolbar set if you want to keep using it.

Update 2014-03-09
Updated for Directory Opus 11.1. Added the following menu items:
[li]View > Dual Display Horizontal[/li]
[li]View > Jobs Bar[/li]
[li]Tools > Locate Image > Google Maps[/li]
[li]Tools > Locate Image > Google Earth[/li]
[li]Tools > Locate Image > Bing Maps[/li]
[li]Options > Toolbar Sets > Toolbar Sets[/li]
[li]Options > Toolbar Sets > Save Toolbars...[/li]
[li]Options > Toolbar Sets > Revert to Default Toolbar Set[/li][/ul]

FullMenu.zip (25.5 KB)
FullMenu.zip (24.9 KB)

This is a fantastic menu toolbar. I only added a few ellipses here and there, plus a button to activate my old favorite Filmstrip view, and thoroughly enjoy the stuff. Thanks a lot for the hard work.

This is fantastic! As a new user, this mod really helps me learn my way around and realize what is hidden otherwise.

A note to other noobs:

When you double click the .dob file you want to use it will load as a great big floating menu in the corner of your screen. It will also be "on top" covering up other menus. Right click it and go to "Customize", uncheck "Floating Toobar" and then click OK. You can now dock the new menu where you want it.

It took me a couple of DO restarts then a couple of PC restarts before I realized that I was doing it all wrong! :laughing:

Thank you very much for sharing this! :thumbsup:

Updated the menu with some new features that has been added to DOpus. Also added new copy, move and delete actions that ask for a filter before proceeding.

Updated for Directory Opus 11. I kept the old version as well for those that haven't upgraded.

thankyou, this menu really allows an inexperience, lazy or just 'too busy or distracted to bother to find it all out the hardway' use all the bits of the powerful very useful program. thankyou again

This is really a great toolbar.
I still have to translate it into Dutch, but the only thing I need for that is a little spare time.
Thanks a lot for all your hard work. :thumbsup:

This is a fantastic addition to Dopus.

I have a question. I dragged some of the items over the the Dopus main menu. And later I mistakenly deleted these from the main menu. So now I do not have them in either menu. How remove the Full Menu I modified and replace it with a fresh unmodified one?