Full Menu (for Directory Opus 12)

See also: Full Menu (for Directory Opus 11)

This is an attempt to create a menu with almost everything Directory Opus can do. It is mostly based on the default Directory Opus configuration but with a few additions and assembled into menu form. It can be useful as a complement to your toolbars when you need access to some rarely used feature.

The menu defines hotkeys for all menu items that had hotkeys in the default configuration. Since some of these were not part of the toolbars you will get some duplicates. This doesn't really matter.

I also include a version of the menu that does not define any hotkeys.

For a french language version, look at mykael's reply further down this page.

Download the zip file, unpack it and double click one of the toolbar files. You can then set it up further in Customize Mode. Remember to set the default lister or the default toolbar set if you want to keep using it.

Update 2018-05-02

  • Paste and Paste Shortcut now displays the current clipboard content in its tooltips
  • Added Collapse Listers to the File menu, it moves all tabs in other listers to the current lister and closes them
  • Added Autosize Lister to the View menu, it resizes the lister window to fit all columns in details and power mode
  • Added Blur Filenames to the Options menu, it is useful for taking screenshots without revealing sensitive information
  • Added a whole range of Take Screenshot menu items to the Help menu, for taking screenshots of listers or the whole desktop

FullMenu.zip (29.2 KB)

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This is a nicely organised menu combining the default toolbars into a single, structured menu, with some extra functionality exposed as well.

But the goal of showing almost everything Opus can do is not really achievable (nor desirable!). The amount of things that can be done just with different arguments to the internal commands is enormous. (A fully exhaustive menu would be even longer than the manual explaining all the options, which would be self-defeating.) Throw in scripting, or external commands, and the possibilities are infinite.

So every menu has to make a choice of where to draw the line. This menu looks good though; I don't think it goes too over the top, and it collects & organises everything nicely into a single menu that doesn't use up much space. Nice work!

Yeah, I was wearing my marketing hat when I wrote that. And added some weasel words. Of course you're right that it doesn't even come close to achieving that goal. And it really shouldn't either.

Thanks for the appreciative words. Hopefully someone finds it useful. If nothing else I use it a lot myself.

@gieron did you make a full menu too for DO11 or DO10 ?
I think I have an old "full menu" made by you installed, but it has been translated to french :slight_smile:
Anyway thanks for your work...

Yes, it's the same menu. Just updated for DO12. It's not a lot of changes actually.

Don't know who translated it. It certainly wasn't me :slight_smile:

I have updated my french fullmenu toolbar, thanks to you.
I wish to share but how to export it ?

The toolbars are located in the following directory:

C:\Users\<YOUR_USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\Buttons

Where <YOUR_USERNAME> is the username you have in Windows.

Copy the .dop file from there, put it in a .zip-file and share it.

I want to share with you the french version of FullMenu, with the hotkeys.
Thank you gieron for your work...
(if you want you can add it to your 1st post, if it's possible)


Téléchargez le fichier zip, décompactez le et double-cliquez deux fois sur le fichier de barre d'outils. Vous pourrez alors la personnaliser à votre gout. N'oubliez pas de redéfinir la liste par défaut ou le groupe de barre d'outils par défaut, si vous voulez continuer à l'utiliser.
FullMenu(fr).zip (16.1 KB)

Great work mykael. I added a line about it in the 1st post pointing to your reply. I think that's the best way to do it.

Updated for Directory Opus 12.8