Group by Type Using Fastkeys

Prerequisites :

  1. Full Menu (for Directory Opus 12)
  2. If you have not installed fastkey no worries there is also alternative Autohotkey which is opensource can also be employed but I am using Fastkeys and hate to code and finds the Fastkeys very user Friendly.
    2.Follow images to proceed

    3.Step Enable
    code: {Alt Down}v{Alt Up}{Down}{Down}{Down}{Down}{Down}{Down}{Down}{Down}{Down}{Down}{Down}{Down}{Down}{Down}{Down}{Down}{Right}{Down}{Down}{Down}{Enter}

    4 Step Disable
    Code : {Alt Down}v{Alt Up}{Down}{Down}{Down}{Down}{Down}{Down}{Down}{Down}{Down}{Down}{Down}{Down}{Down}{Down}{Down}{Down}{Right}{Enter}

I've moved this out of the Tutorials section as I don't think it's fleshed out enough to be useful to other people yet (sorry).

A description of what it does is needed, for example.

If it does what I think it does (group the file display by the File Type column, by sending keyboard inputs that select menu items based on their position in the menu) then you can do that better and without needing FastKeys by binding these commands to hotkeys within Opus (Settings > Customize Toolbars > Keys):

Set GROUPBY=type

Those will continue to work even if the menu items move around. (The Group By menu lists the currently visible columns, so Type will not always be in the same place.

(You can also send keyboard inputs via scripts in Opus, but that kind of thing should always be a last resort as it's an unreliable way to send a command to something whose UI may change either dynamically or between versions.)

Automation using Fastkeys in Directory opus in simple terms.