Full Menu (for Directory Opus 13)

See also: Full Menu (for Directory Opus 12)

This is an attempt to create a menu with a lot of what Directory Opus can do. It is mostly based on the default Directory Opus configuration but with some additions and alterations, and assembled into menu form. It can be useful as a complement to your toolbars when you need access to some rarely used feature.

The menu defines hotkeys for all menu items that had hotkeys in the default configuration as well as a few additions to keep it compatible with the older version of this menu.

I also include a version of the menu that does not define any hotkeys.

Download the zip file, unpack it and double click one of the toolbar files. You can then set it up further in Customize Mode. Remember to set the default lister or the default toolbar set if you want to keep using it.

FullMenu.zip (38.0 KB)


I, too, have attempted to create a toolbar with many of the most common buttons for what Opus can do.

It is my version of how such a toolbar should be structured. As such, it is not based on, nor does it look like, the default Directory Opus configuration. I hope it allows a user to find functions more easily. Also, I hope it is useful as a source toolbar to give one ideas about the breadth of options of Opus that one might want to add to their toolbars.

My design philosophy is:

  1. maximum file list
  2. maximum access to functions used often
  3. minimum space used by toolbars

I have only two toolbars displayed, usually. Menu JEG displayed horizontally at the top and Operation JEG displayed vertically between dual listers. I also have nine special purpose toolbars displayed when needed. A screen shot is included.

I use a number of scripts so I have included a text file with their names and URLs to them, should you wish to use them.

Comments, questions or suggestions willingly accepted.

-Menu JEG.zip (48.9 KB)

@gieron great job in this menu! the past few months ive been working heavy on my dopus layout and tweaks... menus and keys... dont know why i did think copying the operations toolbar into the main until i saw you do i here!

@jinsight im noticing the green accent color in both the lister and menu? did you color code those to be reactive to selections?

You mention "the green accent color in both the lister and menu." I don't know what you mean.

I see three green buttons on the location bar. The green lnk files are color coded by file type. The only item I would think of as an accent is on the menu where "Toolbars" is orange. This indicates a three button button.

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@jinsight this menu is WOW!!!! i a lot of homework to do! :rofl:

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you can ignore that question. it seemed the colors of files in the lister matched colors in your menu headings, was wonder if the menu colors reacted to what you had selected, thou after loading your menu i see that was not the case at all. ..... and the 3 button makes sense now. i haven't used that option much, yet...

you have some amazing functions and buttons here. much for me study... im a "noob" at scripting. so its fun to check out others menu & buttons. its how ive been learning the all the amazing things dopus can do.