Full screen width for folder tabs bar with a little less height for viewer pane

Something similar was already proposed in 2018:

But not yet implemented.

Please open the attached jpgs. I'm not sure if it would be possible today to implement this….


Wouldn't make sense to do that. The viewer pane isn't part of either file display; it's separate to them, and shared by both file displays if both are open.

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Dear Leo

Thanks for the quick answer.

I have 3 huge display screens on my desktop and have the privilege to manage well without the – otherwise very helpful – dual display mode.

I don’t explicitly use the “Source and Destination”-functionality either. I work with ctrl+x etc.

I solely use single display mode. In my situation and opinion the requested feature would definitely make sense.

But please don’t worry, I can live without it without a problem. Still I suggest to discuss this subject in your next developer’s team meeting.

If not, don’t worry, I will be very happy with Dopus without this feature also in future.