'group by' will not stay away

Time and again, I set "group by" to NONE and it does not stick...

I set it to none. Save my settings. It holds for a while. Then fo reasons unbeknownst to me it returns as "Group By" date and time. This is driving me insane.

Sometimes it looks like its sticking; hop around folders, use the forward and back arrows for the lister view but if I hit the up arrow - BAM its back.

In all fairness; this product has a million settings so it could be a me thing. I have restored from known good settings that I've backed up with the application but it still comes back eventually.

I would reinstall it but I worry that's just a waste of time.

Any thoughts / tips?

Thank you!

Hover the mouse over the padlock icon in the status bar and it will tell you where the current folder format (including "group by") is coming from.

How are you saving them?

This guide explains how to make the current settings the new defaults for all folders: