Heads-up: dopus_fileinfo crashes and solution

Update: A workaround for this problem is included in Directory Opus which just came out.

dopus_fileinfo crashes:

If you've been using the new CSV, RTF-Editor, PostScript or Font viewer plugins then you may have been experiencing some crashes related to the dopus_fileinfo thread. The crashes may seem mysterious as there's no obvious trigger and they can happen when Opus is idle in the background.

I've done some investigation and the crashes are triggered by a problem in the current version of these new plugins.

I've let Dinkelhopper know the details for further investigation. Since it can crash Opus, and it isn't obvious that the plugins cause it, I thought I should also let everyone know as well. If you're seeing similar crashes then you should uninstall the four new plugins until there are fixed versions. Dinkelhopper has done a great job on the new plugins and an equally great job supporting them so hopefully that won't take too long.

Basically, if you view a folder which contains something handled by the plugins (e.g. a .csv file), then wait a while until the plugins are automatically unloaded, and then do certain actions, Opus will crash.

"Certain actions" includes dobule-clicking a file in Opus that is launched via DDE, for example an Office document. It also includes things done outside of Opus meaning the crash can happen when you're not even using Opus.

(You may need to have the Description column on to trigger the crash. I haven't tried with it turned off.)

If you haven't been seeing crashes like this then you've got nothing to worry about.

A workaround for this problem is included in Directory Opus which just came out.