Help - Next/Prev Image Not working/enabled

When I view files in the standalone DOPUS viewer the Next/Prev buttons are always diabled so I can't easily cycle through the jpg files in the directory.

Is this a bug, or a setting I need to change somewhere in the bowels of DOPUS? (I'm using the latest version).


Whether the forward or back buttons are active in the Opus viewer depends upon how you are using the viewer. For example if I send an image to the viewer from another application then only that image will be seen with the forward/back buttons dimmed out. On the other hand if I'm using a lister and navigate to a folder of images, say JPGs, and I double click on one of those to open it in the viewer, then the forward/back buttons should be functional.

If this doesn't help you try to be a little clearer on how you are attempting to use the viewer.

Where are you launching the Opus viewer from? The list of next/prev files is only populated when you launch the viewer from an Opus window.

If you've got the Opus viewer set to handle images launched from other places (e.g. double-clicking a file on the Desktop) then unfortunately it doesn't generate the list in those cases.

If you are double-clicking files from an Opus lister, though, then make sure you have Preferences / Viewer / Viewer (Standalone): Generate Next/Previous list automatically on double-click turned on.