Help using sync


I use SyncBackPro to sync/backup my my workstation, NAS and Laptop.

I would like to try replacing this tool with DO sync, but never really understand this option :blush:.

What I need are several buttons which sync/backup my devices. Could someone please show me an example for a sync-button and a backup-button?

Sync should offer a selection between two folders, backup should copy all to dest and delete all files/dir on dest which don't exists on source.


You can't script/automate the sync tool in Opus at the moment.

You can use the Copy command, possibly with the UPDATEALL or UPDATEEXISTING arguments, to do similar things, though. It depends how you want the sync to work, which attributes you want to compare, etc..

Hi Leo,

could you please make 2 example buttons using these options?

Thank you very much.


I use SyncBackPro to sync/backup my my workstation, NAS and Laptop.

I would like to try replacing this tool with DO sync, but never really understand this option :oops:.

Maybe your needs are simple enough to achieve this in DOpus, but you will lose a lot if you try to replace SyncBackPro with DOpus.

For example, DOpus isn't likely to be able to automatically recognise devices by their identity and to leap into action to perform automated synchs. (I use this to update USB drives.)

I guess one way to see if DOpus would meet your needs would be to see how much you have done to make SyncBackPro work for you. If you haven't got into its own scripting, filters and scheduling, it could work. But you would then have to get into "scripting" DOpus, which is a learning curve in its own right.


You're right, I won't give up SBP. But mainly I backup 1:1 to my NAS, which DO could solve. Also syncing between to folders could be solved (as I have manually to choose each file when syncing between PC and laptop).

Origin idea is to use one tool for all on laptop, PC and USB (I fully included SBP in DO, but I have to update it always on 2-3 devices).

I also try to configure DO that way, that I can use it in ALL environments (mainly screenwidth for toolbars and columns are the problem, all other things are solved using usercommands, variables & relative paths). So that I just need to copy ONE config.

If it's of any interest to you Sasa, here are some buttons I'll use to do some fast copying/backing up. They aren't the same as true synchronizing, but they're fast and easy for me to use.

Copies only brand new or newer WITH prompts


Copies only brand new or newer WITHOUT prompts


Copies only files and folders that already exist


Copy Folder Structure Only

Copy FILTER="Folders Only"

Copy only new files that do not exist on DST


Thanks, will try to create my own with them.

Given that SyncBack supports scripting and stuff, a neat approach would be to create DOpus buttons that invoke SyncBack. No need to use DOpus's own sync.

I have been meaning to investigate that myself for operations that I don't need to schedule.

I integrated SyncBack into DO (without scripts, I like to start it manually) by copying the zip-version into UserCommands and restore/backup profiles with a DO-command. Also full SB will be saved with DO-config (except USB-Export needs to copy SB-folder manually to USB).

What I really miss in DO is selecting external drives by volume label (like SB & good old Amiga). Requested it about 1 year ago :cry:

Seen the Launch via Label script?