Hide Folders always hides all folders "*"

How do I clear the * from the hide folders box? It is defaulting to hide all folders. Very annoying.

Please advise.


There are a few boxes that might refer to. Where are you seeing it? (You can post a screenshot if that is easiest; if you're using the quick reply editor, click Full Editor at the bottom.)

Screen shot attached.

It may be enough to clear the * from the toolbar field, then use Settings -> Set as Default Lister.

(If you have loaded a layout instead of the default lister, you might need to save over the layout instead.)

If it still comes back, the filter must be saved into one or more of your folder formats. You can edit them via Settings -> Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats, or you can use the Folder Formats: Quick Guide for a way to save over all your existing formats, if you want every folder and type of folder to look the same.

When editing a folder format, it's the filters tab that has what you're looking for.

Thank you. It was stored in my folder format. I have cleared it.