Hide system files upon launching opus

I have button that can hide and show system files,but i want whenever i open DO it should always hide no matter i have enabled with that button when i have used DO last time.
In preferences I have enabled global filters and Hide hidden files is checked.

"System files" usually means files with both the S (system) and H (hidden) attribute set. There is an option to hide them in Preferences, although if Hidden files are already hidden then that takes care of both.

If you're seeing (unusual) files with only the S attribute and not the H attribute, neither option will hide those, but you can hide them via Folder Options, on the tabs for hiding things, then save the format for all folders as per Folder Formats: Quick Guide

After following above guide i did step by step changes and saved folder format as default and if i select this option in pic below then Show hide button becomes useless. Files remain hidden.

Why are you hiding Hidden files there? I thought your aim was to hide System files?

Using Show Everything is the easiest way to disable all filtering temporarily.

I actually don't know what Opus do when certain option is ticked or unticked,so trying to achieve with this or that option as after going through above guide i could get what i wanted.
This is button code i am using which i found in different thread and it is working fine.

but like i said earlier i want default state of files to be hidden when Opus is launched no matter i have used that button to show hidden files and folder last time.this was setting i had in Opus 10 but now trying to achieve here too.

I think I explained what those options do earlier. The manual certainly explains them.

I am still not sure exactly what you're aiming to do.