Himmelsblå v1.2 | Icon Set For Dark & Light Theme (Now includes 607 icons)


New version (1.2) of the Himmelsblå Icon Set

  • Now available for both dark and light theme
  • Also added a few more icons (now includes a total of 607 icons)
  • The icons for the light theme still need some finetuning, but it's a start..

Here are the files:
IconSet_Himmelsbla_4DT_v1.2.dis (1.0 MB)
IconSet_Himmelsbla_4LT_v1.2.dis (1.0 MB)

Have a nice evening! :sun_with_face:



A few days ago I posted my icon set Himmelsblå v1.0 Part1.

Back then I thought that icon packs have a limit of 416 icons per set. Silly me.

Anyways.. Here comes an updated version to my icon pack Himmelsblå. I call it Himmelsblå v1.1 and it contains a total of 450 icons.

IconSet_Himmelsbla_4DT_v1.1.dis (682.1 KB)

As before, I hope you'll like it and if there are any specific icons you think are missing, let me know and I'll put them on my to-do-list :slightly_smiling_face:


I've manually bumped your account up a level (should happen automatically but depends on forum usage) so you should be able to update the existing threads now without having to start a new thread for each update.

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Hi, Leo.

That's great! I was actually looking for a way to update the previous post. Now I know why I didn't find a way to do that. :slight_smile:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Download... :white_check_mark:
Install... :white_check_mark:
Love it: :white_check_mark:

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Simply stunning icon set. This is exactly what I have been waiting for. Thank you!


Does this wonderful icon set need to be updated now for Dopus 13 Beta? Or are you working on some other fancy set? :wink: :opusicon:

Edit: And now that you can change light and dark mode easily, any plans for a too light theme?
Now they don't work well with the light theme, you can of course change the background of the toolbar to a bit of gray.

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Not sure if the details are documented yet, but Opus 13 provides a way for icon sets to specify alternative icons for light and dark modes, so you can have a single icon set which works in both modes.

We can provide info if it's needed. (And it'll be in the manual as it's finished.)


I'll make sure to update my iconset to both support light and dark theme.

I can upload a light theme-version here before v13 is released too, so people manually can choose which one they want to use.

I'll make sure to upload it today or tomorrow. :+1:


Now I noticed you uploaded a new version, looks really good but @Leo said you could have two versions and it changed automatically when changing from dark to light theme. Read his comment further up. Your icon set is so nice.

@Leo: If you have time, maybe you can show how to do it so that you don't have to change it manually. I switch between light and dark theme a lot now that you only do it with a button.

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After trying to convert one myself, it turns out dark/light icons aren’t working for external icon sets at the moment, but we’re fixing that.


There's an example here now: Icon Sets with alternative dark and light icons

  • First - great iconset, many thanks :slight_smile:

  • Second -

Managed to make a V13 dual mode version using Iconset Maker Pixel Perfect - Icons - Directory Opus Resource Centre (dopus.com)

  • Third - added a few icons for
    Favorites Bar (favoritesbar)
    Dark/Light Mode Toggle (darklightmode)
    Expandable Folders (folderexpanded, folderexpander)
    Graphs behind colums (sizedategraph)
    UPDATE: added a few more icons
    aspect ratio bars (aspect)
    relative dimension bars (dimensions3)
    thumbnail scale (thumbnailscale)
    thumbnail labels (label1)
    menu (cyclemodes3)
    lister link (listerlink)
    image info (imageinfo)
    location (location)
    close (close delete4)
    some extra windows icons (windows .... 8 variations)

Here you go (updated)
IconSet Himmelsbla v1.2 Dual.dis (1.4 MB)


In the very top tier of icon sets. Kudos!

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