Hope it can be set as the default image viewer

I really like Directory Opus' own picture viewer because it is small enough.
But it can't be easily set as the default picture viewer of the system, I hope it can provide such a function.

It can. See the FAQs.

Thank you, can you give me a link to the page? I don’t speak English, so I need Google Translate.

Thank you, I have already set it up, but it is a bit troublesome. Is there a suitable script or tool to associate all supported images at once?

There isn't, but you probably wouldn't want that either. For example, the viewer can handle HTML and Word Documents but you'd be unlikely to want double-clicking either of those to open the viewer instead of Chrome and Word.

Most people only use about 4 image types, which doesn't take long to set up using Open With if you want them to open in the Opus viewer from outside of Opus.

I just want to use it to view pictures, the others are not needed.
But I don't know how to write scripts and registry.

You don't need to write any scripts or edit the registry.

Just use the Open With menu to change the default program, as per the linked guide.

We've already spent more time talking about it than it would have taken to set things up using the menu. :slight_smile: