Hotkeys for sort by name / date

I'm still using Thumbs Plus in tandem with DOpus because it has a nice feature of Alt+1 to sort by name and Alt+5 to sort by date. How can I quickly change the sort order in DOpus?

Also Thumbs Plus allows you to browse images backwards with Backspace and forwards with Spacebar and maintains the current selection when pressing Escape to return to thumbnail view.

Doing the same thing in DOpus leaves the originally selected thumbnail still selected despite the selection having been advanced whilst browsing images.

I see an interesting thumbnail, double-click on it to view the picture but it's not quite what I want so I tap the Spacebar until I find an image I do want to edit in Photoshop. To edit it I have to select the thumbnail before clicking the Photoshop toolbar button I added. I press Escape to return to thumbnail view.

The problem is Dopus doesn't show me the thumbnail for that image, it shows me the very first one I double-clicked on a while back, and I have to scroll and search for the thumbnail for the most recently viewed image.

Go to Settings | Customize | Keys and create new hotkeys which run:

Set Sortby=Name SortReverse=Off


Set Sortby=MODIFIED SortReverse=Off

When creating the keys make sure you turn off the System-Wide Hotkey checkbox to avoid taking over those hotkeys in other programs.

Edit: You can do this with this add-in now:

Since the viewer window is detached from the lister window that launched it, I can imagine that feature could, at times, be annoying Opus. (i.e. Moving through a viewer might change your file selection in a lister you've been using for other things.)

Having said that, maybe, on balance, it'd be useful more often than annoying. Something for debate, I guess.

Anyway, there are a few alternatives that exist already in Opus. Maybe one of them works for you:

  • If your aim is to open the file in Photoshop you can drag the viewer window's icon (top-left of the window) on to Photoshop. This has the same effect as dragging the file to Photoshop.

  • Pressing Ctrl-T in the viewer will "tag" the image in the lister which launched the viewer. This doesn't select it but rather adds a column of checkboxes to the lister ("Checkbox Mode"). I think there's a command for then selecting the checked/tagged files, although I never use this so don't know it off the top of my head. Either way, it makes it easy to find the image you settled on.

  • You could use the Viewer Pane instead of a standalone viewer window. The pane opens as part of the lister window and always displays the currently selected file. If you move to another file using the pane's arrows then the selection also updates. You can move between files using the arrow keys, or bind hotkeys to the Select NEXT and Select PREV commands. (One thing to note, though, is that some non-image files, like PDF and Office documents, will take the focus which can be an annoyance when navigating via the keyboard. If you're only looking through images or using the little arrows above the viewer pane then this isn't an issue.)

All the best and welcome to the forum!

The instructions for setting the hotkeys to sort by Name and Date still work 15 years later. Thanks Leo and Directory Opus developers for being so awesome!

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