How "Calculate folder sizes automatically" option works

I have Calculate folder sizes automatically set to for local drives only. I thought this would replicate the functionality I'm used to in the last file manager I used, but it doesn't. Folder sizes are only shown in the Size column after I hover over each individual folder with my mouse.

The help file simply says:

What constitutes when a folder is "read"? Having a folder displayed in the lister doesn't result in the size being shown. Even opening a subfolder and then going back to the parent doesn't result in the size being shown.

This blurb in the help file leads me to believe that folder sizes are supposed to be shown automatically:

So, why are my folder sizes not shown automatically? Is this how it is supposed to work? Then what is "automatic" about it?

Check your Folder Formats, on their Options tabs.

Each Folder Format can set get folder sizes to default (does whatever is set in Preferences) or automatic (always calculates, regardless of what Preferences says) or off (never calculates, regardless of Preferences).

(I'm not really sure why the option is in both Preferences and Folder Formats. It seems redundant to me, but I guess when all of the Folder Formats are set to Default it does provide a quick and easy way to turn the feature on, off, or on for local drives only.)

Thank you. That sounded promising when I went into Tools > Folder Options... and found that the setting for Get folder sizes was set to off.

However, when I change that setting to either default or automatic, the setting is not saved, and folder sizes are not calculated. (In fact, when I change the setting, the Apply button does not even become enabled.) Each time I go back in, the setting for Get folder sizes is still set to off.

How do I change the Get folder sizes setting?

I think I have found a workaround.

If I change the Image setting from to , the Apply button becomes available. The Apply button being triggered is key. I can then change the Image setting back to (because I don't want to change that setting). Before clicking Apply (or OK), I can change Get folder sizes to default or automatic, and the setting will be saved this time, because the Apply button has been triggered.

I'm relatively sure that changing settings elsewhere on the Folder Options dialog would accomplish the same thing (i.e. activating the Apply button). But I have not tried.

So it seems I have found yet another bug: Changing the Get folder sizes setting does not trigger the Apply button (which is a manner of saying that it doesn't instruct DOpus that there have been changes that need to be saved when OK or Apply is next clicked).

Have a read of the FAQ I linked in my previous post.

Yes, but what is to be gleaned from there that addresses the issue I mentioned? It doesn't say the setting I mentioned above isn't remembered unless other settings trigger the Apply button. And when the setting isn't remembered (i.e. when it fails to trigger Apply), it isn't applied even temporarily.

Anyway, I mentioned this issue to development and was told they would look into it.

The Get Folder Sizes option in Folder Options/Folder Formats only has an effect when you change folders so that may be why the Apply button isn't tied to it. (There's nothing to apply, and the format may change when you change folders.)

The FAQ I linked to explains how to change all of your Folder Formats so that they use the setting that you want.

Sorry but I don't think so. The change is applied, but only if one manages to get DOpus to enable the Apply button. I guess the bottom line is that the workaround outlined above works if you want to change the Get folder sizes setting in place.

I agree it is a bit odd; just saying that there is no immediate affect from changing that option so that may be why it's how it is. It could just be an accident, though.