How can I add default context menu items to toolbar button?

I realize there are others discussing toolbar context buttons, but I did not find an answer to my question above.

Is it possible to easily enable (for one or more toolbar buttons) the same right click context menu options that can be seen when right clicking the same program in a lister detail list view? (I believe these are just the Windows Explorer context menu items like Open, Run as Administrator, etc.)?

A command like this will do that:

Go "C:\My Program's Folder" FOLDERCONTENT="nodirs,filefilter=MyProgram.exe"

Works perfectly. Thank you!

I found a more efficient way to do it:

FileType ACTION=dblclk FILECONTEXT FILE="C:\My Program's Folder\MyProgram.exe"

(This command I provided before ultimately generates this same command. The difference is that this command avoids reading the program's folder every time the toolbar is refreshed.)

The FILECONTEXT argument was undocumented/private, but we'll make it documented/public in the next update.