How can I Identify (and Dock) A Floating Toolbar to another window?

Continuing the old discussion from How Can I Dock A Floating Toolbar to another Window?: I have a tentative solution if this feature is still not possible in Dopus.

I propose using my AutoHotKey script to monitor the position of a Dopus floating toolbar and a target window (e.g. VSCode). It would be awesome if AHK could target dopus.dock Class but without any Text I can't think of any way to uniquely identify the floating toolbar.

Is there a way in Dopus to add title bar text or other internal text to persistently and uniquely identify Dopus Toolbar?

If it's not there already, adding the floating toolbar's name to the window title should be easy for us to do, and makes sense. I don't think the title text is visible to anyone normally, so it makes sense to put something useful there for automation tools to use. I'll put that on the list.

At the moment, you can identify a floating toolbar's window handle via the scripting API (Toolbar.docks). You could have the AHK script trigger a command in Opus that runs a small script to put the list of floating toolbar windows into a text file that the AHK script then read. Or you could trigger an Opus script directly which works out which window handle and then runs the AHK script with that as an argument. Which is easier depends on how complex each side needs to be, I guess.

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Has there been any progress on populating the window title bar text with the floating toolbar's name? In the images below, I would like to see the Taskbar-1 name populate to the Text field, in order to uniquely and persistently identify the floating taskbar.

The code change is done, but not released yet.

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THANK YOU for making this a part of the new Dopus 13. This, along with so many other features and enhancements is very much appreciated! :grinning: