How can I limit the width of the 'name' column globally

I have a typical lister configuration that consists of 'Name', 'Size', 'Date', and a few others. When navigating to a folder that contains very long file names Opus slides the size and date columns to the right and usually off the page.

Is there a way to set the maximum width allowed for a file name such that columns to the right are still visible when landing in a folder with long names?

I would like this setting to apply to all displays ie a global setting.

Thank You

in the Folder Options dialog, you can set max widths (in pixels) for different columns, or set the max to "Fill" to make it use any space which is left over, without pushing off other columns (unless the other columns are set to "Collapse" or "Expand").

Folder Formats: Quick Guide explains how to make changes to the default format which will be used in all folders.

This tutorial video covers these subjects in lots more detail:

Thank you! This helped me as well.

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Please update the docs. e.g. Folder Formats: Quick Guide
I don't have a "Folder" drop down. I do have a "New Folder" drop down, but it lacks the options option.

It's here in the default toolbars. If you don't see it it would be because you've removed it or turned off the Menu toolbar.

I don't have a clue what I've done, but that chunk (View through Search) only show while Customize Toolbars is up. The menu (File to Settings) remains, unless I turn the Menu toolbar off.
So, with Menu off, no File/Edit/Tools/Settings/View... Folder... Lister.
With Menu On, I have File/Edit/Tools/Settings, but not View..Folder...Lister
With Menu On and in Customize Toolbar model, I get the View...Folder...Lister... - but they vanish when I hit Okay.

Any idea what I did?

If you need to reset all your toolbars to the defaults:

  • Factory Reset Toolbars (to reset the toolbars themselves).
  • Set As Default Tolbar Set (to save which toolbars are displayed where, in case that is messed up).

They wouldn't just "vanish", but something may be pushing them off to the right - probably the Spacer. Normally that's set to fill the available space, but you may have changed it to have a fixed width which would then be pushing subsequent things off into the overflow menu.

In Customize mode, right-click the Spacer and check that Full Width is selected.

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Resetting to Factory has given me all that back.