How can I make standalone image viewer include video files while cycling?

Standalone picture viewer ignores movies while cycling through files. How can I change this behaviour?

It´s just an image viewer. If you use the internal viewer, you can preview most movie file types.

That isn't true. The standalone viewer can view video files the same as the preview panel can.

The standalone viewer isn't the best video player, though, so we didn't really expect it to be used as one vs the many dedicated movie players out there.

At the moment the standalone viewer will not automatically include viewers in the next/prev file list, but will include them if you explicitly tell it to.

This means if you have the standalone viewer set to handle movie files when you double-click them, and you double-click one, it won't look for other movie files in the same folder the way it looks for other picture files.

But if you select several movie files in a folder, and then use the Show command (in the default toolbars, it's in a menu attached to the Slideshow button), all of the selected files will be in the next/prev list. (This works for other file types as well.)

Now that we have scripting in the viewer, we could probably make it so that scripts can change how the next/prev list is built, to open up more possibilities.

That isn't true. The standalone viewer can view video files the same as the preview panel can.[/quote]

Oh, sorry, i have never noticed that. Maybe, because i have set the default action to open Light Alloy (or VLC, with Ctrl held down). :confused: :laughing:

This solved it for me. Thank you!

The reasons I prefer the standalone viewer from Directory Opus to other players:

  • It handles all media, not just video. This includes obviously pictures, but also PDF files and MHTML files.
  • It feels almost as lightweight as ffplay (my favourite media player, part of ffmpeg). (Although this could be an illusion.)
  • Unlike both Windows Media Player and ffplay, it allows zooming in on screen parts of video files just like static images.

Things to improve:

  • Zooming of videos could be continuous rather than based on predefined thresholds.
  • Zooming could be controlled from keyboard (+/-) and by rolling the mouse wheel. (Currently mouse wheel is reserved for browsing files.) Ideally it would respond to touch gestures on Windows tablets.
  • Browsing files (cycling) could be controllable from keyboard (perhaps PgUp/PgDn) in addition to screen buttons.
  • The same goes for rewinding streaming media back and forth (perhaps ArrLeft/ArrRight).
  • I forgot what else.

Ctrl + Mouse Wheel in the viewer will zoom in and out.

You can already cycle images using the keyboard. Space and Backspace are the default keys, but they are configurable.

Is there a way to have D8viewer cycle through both images and videos (mp4) from a collection in full screen mode?
If I assign d8viewer as default program it can play individual video files when I click on them,
but not along with a "playlist" of still images that I have in a collection in full screen mode without any UI elements.
The Viewer Pane does this exactly, why can the stand alone player not do it?

Is there a script that enables this behaviour?

Have you tried selecting them, then using the Show command?

(In the default toolbars, Slideshow > Show Pictures should do it. Or type > into the file display, then Show and push return to try it out.)

It worked!
However, when in full screen mode
(not just maximized with the UI visible)
once the viewer starts playing a video it stops advancing to previous /next file with mouse wheel or any button. And even when the video is over it just stayed there in full screen mode.
I have to close the viewer by Alt-Tab selecting it.
Also mpg files cannot be played.

Probably a codec issue. May also depend on which plugin is being used for movies.

Please see HOW TO: Enable/fix playback of various media formats in Opus and if that doesn't help, start a new thread for that.

Ok thank you.
But apart from the codec issue,
is there a way to make it usable in fullscreen?
To advance to next/previous file after or during video file playback ,