How can I set Win+E to open last lister, instead of a new?

I thought that there was some setting for this, but can't seem to find it.

I know that in Preferences, under "Launching Opus" there is an option under "From the Desktop" that allows you to change how Double Clicks on the Desktop open DOpus.

You can have it "Bring the last active lister to the front" instead of opening a new lister.

I think this behavious can be useful, since listers are powerful enough, with tabs, and whatnot, that very often only one is needed to get most jobs done.

I tend to open most of my listers with the Win+E shortcut (which traditionally opens Windows Explorer) however. Can you also choose how this action is handled by Opus in opening new listers?

Go to Settings / Customize and under Keys set up a system-wide hotkey for Win+E that runs the Go LASTACTIVELISTER command.

I did find this option, which applies when you've already got the Window focus on an existing lister, but if you don't, it still opens a new lister:

Under the same section of Preferences, "Launching Opus" under the "Explorer Replacement" option, there is a checkbox to "Open External folders in a new tab".

So now instead of having a zillion listers, I can have tabs in each lister, but I was looking for this kind of functionality system wide, instead of just within a lister.

Hi Jon, thanks for the reply:
I have a bit of a problem with this - When I push Win+E to assign that hotkey combination, it's caught by windows before the Command Editor, so I can't input that key sequence this way. Is there a workaround?

D'oh! Nevermind, if you click on the "System-Wide" checkbox first, this doesn't happen! Works perfect, much thanks!

Oops, guess this isn't quite over yet!
When I have no listers open, Win+E doesn't do anything if I have it setup this way!

I don't suppose there's a way to have it open a lister if one isn't open when DOpus is configured this way, huh?

Add NEW to the command to fix that. In other words:


That activates the last lister if there is one and creates a new one if there isn't.

Wow. Directory Opus amazes me a little more every day. Works exactly how I wanted, much thanks!

I've used it for years now and I discover tricks & tips as soon as I wonder if something would be possible. And when I think that everything's perfect, I visit the forum and find out people who have questions or ideas that save my time or open a new door I would have never opened by myself.

Thanks for the Win+E tips.

Recently I have made a button that really saves my time here. I think it could be useful.