How do I search in (Description - Target: url)

Can opus find/search for keywords in url's via (Description - Target: url)

To clarify the question:
This is the field I'm trying to search.
I can't seem to get opus to search through my saved url's target links; only the name of it not the actual target is searchable by the find tool.
Any help appreciated!

[ul][li]The bad news:

When using Find or filters, the Description clause only searches use-defined file descriptions. (The ones you can set via Properties -> Description (Ctrl+P) in the default toolbar.)

There is a Target clause, but that only works with files & folders (i.e. junctions, shortcuts and links).

(I've added a couple of feature requests for Target clauses to search .URL targets, and for a checkbox that makes Description clause to search the same text string that's displayed in the lister, i.e. the user-defined description plus the Opus-generated description.)

[li]The good news:

.URL files are just text files with a URL inside them (and a bit of other stuff), so you can simply use a Contains clause (or the Containing Text field with the Find panel in Simple mode) to check where they point to.


So currently, opus can't search for a specific keyword in *.url's target addresses?

See this post for details.