How To Configure Listers Open To Specific Folders Each Startup

I am looking at my Startup options but I am not seeing a way to always have my two listers show the same directories each time Directory Opus starts. Is there a way that I can configure it to do this?

Under Windows 10, I am finding that it is impossible to have application Windows restore size and location. Microsoft broke this for reasons unknown. I found a utility called ZMover that solves this issue for me. However, it looks for specific window titles. The current active directory becomes the window title, so I want this same directory to always open.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Save the Listers you want as a layout, and then configure that layout to open on startup.

Just did this, but it does not open the same folders after starting. It is opening the last folder that was selected with startup.

I found a way to get this to work, but it will only work if launched via shortcuts using command-line args:

"C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe" /CMD GO {folder1} DUALPATH {folder2}

While my approach above starts Directory Opus with the two directories I want, it does not work when it replaces Windows Explorer. I need an option that provides this, I think.

It looks like under startup there is the ability to run command. I cannot get this to work:

GO D:\Downloads DUALPATH D:\Media

You either didn't save the layout properly or haven't configured Opus to open it on Startup. Check your settings:

Bonus: the startup monitor can be saved with the layout :slight_smile:

Here's mine that does not work:

There you will also see the various commands that also do not work. I tried many but all commands were ignored (with slashes, without, etc).

Again, I am not referring to lister positions. I am specifically referring to the directories that open when I start Directory Opus. Nothing other than my command-line parameter works for me.

Are you restarting Opus (e.g. File > Exit Directory Opus, or rebooting)? Or are you just closing the window(s) and opening new ones later?

If it's the latter, Opus continues to run in the background by default, and there are separate configuration options for what happens when you launch the program (usually used to control what happens after a reboot) and when you open a new window with the program already running.

I close Opus when I am done using it and do not leave it running constantly. My request is to have it go to the same two directories each time it opens as my shortcut achieves.

It looks like the startup command option should allow me to do this, but I cannot figure out how to get it to work.

How are you closing Opus?



Clicking File | Exit Directory Opus results in a warning telling me not to do this lol

You can edit the command to remove the warning if you want.

I found that I can remove the path from the application title bar, so I did this instead and replaced it with constant text: Directory Opus 12.17 x64

I don't need to worry about the startup folder now. The title will never change. This is a better soultion than constantly exiting.

If the aim is just to get the window(s) into a fixed position(s) -- rather than open two windows showing particular folders -- you can do that as well, without using third party tools.

I'm not sure exactly what you want though.


I handle this issue this way.

Add Dopus in your W10 startup list (windows + R and type shell:startup
, see

Then: I too use Zmover (20 usd license, by Basta computing), which fixes (among others) my Dopus session on my third "portrait layout screen". Zmover is also enabled in the W10 task scheduler.

When setting the window handler in Zmover you have to leave window title blank, and only use Window Class "dopus.lister". Then it does not matter what folder Dopus is in.

When starting in up in the morning I only have to start my PC, go get a cup of coffee and when I'm back all my apps are started and all windows are in the right place and stay there for the rest of the day.

Works like a swiss knife to me.

With Windows 10, Microsoft made a decision to not restore windows how a user positioned them after closing them. Regardless of what changes you make to disable auto windows positioning, windows will never be restored how you position them. This was one of my many frustrating features introduced with Windows 10.

ZMover basically brings back what was available in versions of Windows before Windows 8.

If you go into preferences here, you can force DOpus to open the window in the position that you saved the Lister Layout:

Preferences / Launching Opus / Default Lister / In a fixed position relative to the monitor the mouse is on

Actually, I'm trying to think of a Microsoft application that doesn't save their position when I exit. I can't. For one work-related website, I have to use Internet Explorer and it opens where I positioned it last. Same with Outlook (in non-maximized view), Excel, Word, Power BI.

Now I'm confused about this statement: