How to create a Quick Search Field that looks only for Folders

I have been trying to find how I could create a quick search field that displays only folder names and not files. I tried copying the default quick search field and googled what argument I should use but my search didn't help me. Any help from the Dopus wizards would be appreciated

This thread might help:

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Thank you very much for your reply. From what I understand I have to use (type) "kind:folders" at every search . What I am looking for is to just type the name of the folders I am searching for.

I need to get results as I would have when I change at the Dopus Find the type from "Files & Folders" to "Folders".

At customize when I edit the quick search there is a field Called Args. I think I have to add something there but don't know where to look for it

If I get it right the Quick Search field is windows search while the Ctrl-F is Directory opus Find and are 2 totally different beasts. Am I correct? If that is the case then it is a windows matter and should look elsewhere, Is there any way for me to create the field I need which will use the Directory Opus Find function with the settings I need "embedded" somehow?

A button which runs this might do what you want:

Find QUERY kind:folders {dlgstring|Search for folders:}

That will pop-up a prompt which you can type your search into, and it will prefix it with kind:folders automatically.

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Thank you very much. I guess that is the next best thing.