How to display folders with the format Details?


I'm a beginner about Directory Opus 8.

And I would like to display Directory Opus 8 with the format Details about the folders instead with the thumbnails.

Thanks by advance for your answers.


For starters go to the menu command of VIEW and set it to Details. However you will probably also need to go into preferences and set some options there so Opus doesn't jump back to thumbnail view when you switch to certain folders. In particular look at:

Settings/preferences/folders/folder formats
Settings/preferences/folders/content type
Settings/preferences/layout/lister styles
Tools/folder options

And set each of those to be the way you want. Don't be discouraged if it takes you awhile to set Opus up the way you want. This is a very powerful, very flexible file manager, it takes time to learn it just as it takes time to learn any top quality powerful program.

Also if you haven't already you might wander into the Tutorials section here and check out Nudel's excellent "Getting to know Directory Opus (tutorial and introduction)" helper tutorial.

Welcome aboard!

I'm going to be more precise :

It's OK for Wiew. display by details

And about Preferences, I already checked these settings, but I can't always display by details

I don't know if the fact I try on the free version ....

It's for that I ask on the forum.

A few questions cyrille...

  • Do you know what lister 'layouts' are? If not, then you're probably not using them to load your listers so the question doesn't matter.

  • Do you have the Update Default Lister settings when Listers are closed option enabled in Preferences->Layout->Opening Listers? If so, and you are NOT loading your listers from a saved layout... then if you close a lister after setting the view to something other than details, the next lister you open will be opened in the same view mode as when you closed the last one...

If the answers to both questions above are 'NO', then do like John said and enable Details view-mode and browse to a folder you always want to see when you open a lister... then select the Settings->Set As Default Lister menu option.

If you DO load your listers from saved 'layouts' you'll need to set the view to Details and then re-save your layouts...

If none of this makes sense or you need more help, give us more information about what "I can't always display by details" means. When does it work, when doesn't it work?

This is what I understand.

For Me, to take an image, It's like a little with Firefox. You can open lister in the same window, and you can have a lot of windows opened.

I understand more now. And the setting was selected.

A setting you make me discovered.

And to resume. It's not I didn't check already the database of the forum. I already did it without finding something. In more, I started to read the 220 Pages of the Help File. I need some times. I'm to the 20 page. and in more, I'm french.
So, if you answer to my questions like this, it's going to be complementary. Especially when I have to find a setting in the depths of settings of Directory Opus 8.
And probably to encourage me to buy DO8.

Thanks for you help.


I replied not knowing how much you know or don't know... so I had some questions before trying to give an answer, they were not meant to be derogatory. John also made some suggestions which didn't seem to fully help you. So the reason I had some more questions is because there are more than a few ways to make things work the way you'd like... and it makes no sense to suggest a way that you're not using.

So, I definitely encourage you to continue reading the help and the manual... but if you can say when the lister is NOT showing in Details mode the way you want (give a specific example of when it works, or when it doesn't work) then we should be able to come up with the way that works for you. Between what John and I have both suggested... I thought something should have worked for you. We need more info on what's wrong...

Edit note- A lister 'layout' is a saved lister configuration which stores various elements of how a lister looks separately from a lot of the controls found in Opus preferences... things like the format controls (columns, sorting, view-mode). Changing these things in the Preferences or Folder Options might not work the way you'd expect if you are using a saved layout, and chances are if you don't know what a layout is... you probably were not using one :slight_smile:.

Edit note 2- And so if you're NOT using saved layouts, a good thing might be to take a look at Nudels 'Folder Format' FAQ at the following URL:

[url]Folder Formats: Quick Guide]