How to export saved manual sort order data

I've set DOpus to allow manual sorting and then saved this as the default file format. So I can sort files manually, those sort orders get saved, and those orders still persist once folders are closed and appear when folders are reopened. So far so good.

My question is: My files themselves can be backed up just fine using cloud services, USBs, etc., but what is the best way to back up my within-DOpus saved manual sort orders and export them to an external medium?

Like: does the USB license solve this problem? Is a disk image with files & DOpus data together precluded because of licensing issues? Or is there really not a practical solution involving saving DOpus data & files themselves separately because sort orders and files continually evolve and so wouldn't map properly to each other after diverging?

Manual sort data is saved into the NTFS Alternate Data Stream (ADS) for the parent folder.

Backup tools which backup ADS should preserve the data. Anything else will lose it.

Most cloud storage does not support or preserve ADS as far as I'm aware. (OneDrive is the most likely one to, since it's made by Microsoft, but I'm not sure if it does or not.)