How to filter on (2)?

Vainly searched for a 'newbie' section here... and I almost hesitate to ask.
The following I hardly use and so I forgot.

I have duplicate file names with (2) in the name.
Filename (2).txt

I want to filter and delete those (2) files.
Tried with various leading characters, no success.
Searched within "Pattern Matching Syntax"

Any suggestion?


You have to escape the parantheses.
'(*') finds everything in parantheses.
If you only want numbers I would filter like this '(#[0-9]')

More info:!Documents/Pattern_Matching_Syntax.htm

It should tell you what to do when you type a ( into the filter:

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Ah, right.
I admit it was/is really a newbie question.

Frankly, I don't know why, but could there be a reason why this tiny pop-up did not show up?
I forgot what to use, so I tried ~ and - and ! (no pop-up)
went on to the Help file and ultimately asked here.
The pop-up shows up now, all clear.

Thanks again.

I get the popup only in the filter bar and not in the quick filter.
Maybe that was the problem.