How to get download link when opus ftp handler

Hi, I have been using opus as default ftp handler..Now to get the download links on the http i simply went to my folder on http and copied the download link.
Now that i have secured the ftp from public i cant do that. I need to be able to copy the download link. Like cuteftp and filezilla has "copy download link" button.

Is this possible in opus ? thanks in advance.

You probably want to use Clipboard COPYNAMES=url

this is now what i get with your code leo FTP://ftp. as prefix. and after the domain i get //

but i would like http: then domain. and after that the folder names + file.. So example>

There is no automatic way for Opus (or anything else) to know the HTTP URL of a file on an FTP site. The site's web server (if it's even running one) could put the file at any URL in the world...

For sites where the FTP -> HTTP rule is simple you can do it using a regular expression, which the command I gave can take.

For example, to replace "ftp://ftp." with "http://www." in the URL:

Clipboard COPYNAMES=url REGEXP ftp://ftp\.(.*) http://www.\1

For anything more complex, you could use VBScript (maybe inside of an Opus rename script like this example).

Ok thanks leo.. I still has the double slash in the url and it doesn't recognize my root folder. But i think i know how to fix it if you could help me with the following leo. Basing on your the code you gave first (Clipboard COPYNAMES=url) How would you do this. replace FTP:// with then it will work for me.

Just include that as part of the regular expression. The exact expression will depend on your actual site.


Clipboard COPYNAMES=url REGEXP ftp://ftp\.mysite\.org//(.*)\1

Works perfect.! thanks leo.. I wish i knew regular expressions.