How to get iCloud status icons?

(Off-topic discussion split from OneDrive Icons not showing in Status Column)

DO: 12.22.3
Win 10 Insider
Any update on this?
Here are the issues I am seeing:

  1. Dopus has one Status Icons column verses File Explorer's 3 status columns.
  2. Dopus Not showing Status Icons (for iCloud Photos), but File Explorer does show icons
  3. Dopus Availability column is actually Availability Status from File Explorer. Inconsistancy.
    It would be a delight to see the status icons. The online indicator data appears to be present in the file attributes column, so perhaps Dopus could use this info?

    Note: Preferences - Directory Opus "Show cloud storage status icons in the Status column" is checked to enable this feature.

(Edit: I've split this into a separate thread.)

Those seem unrelated to what this thread was originally about? The thread is about OneDrive icons not appearing, which was a Windows 10 issue and should be solved now.

The thread already has almost 50 posts, so turning it into a general cloud storage status columns thread will just make the separate issues harder to find and keep track of. Please create new threads for those things, if needed.

Column names matched File Explorer at one point. If Explorer is renaming them (possibly in Insider builds) or using different names in different places then I'm not sure it's worth changing what people are used to in Opus just to chase Microsoft's whims, when it's easy to find the column as it is (and it's on by default).

The iCloud folder would need to be added to the list of cloud folders in Preferences, and would only work if it's using the same cloud storage APIs as OneDrive. (Which it may be; other products also use them, but I don't know about iCloud specifically.)

Thank you! My issue is similar to the OneDrive because the status does not show from there either. I searched help and the DO preferences for Cloud Folders but could not find where to add my folder names / paths.

I also tried the OneDriveMitigation registry fix but that did not help either.

Thanks to @Leo, I have gotten the status iCons to Work!
Step 1 - As told by Leo - Add the iCloud Photos folder to Dopus Preferences.

  • This was a tiny bit tricky. The folder name on my lister shows up as "iCloud Photos" but when I copy and paste the full path to the preference area, it becomes "iCloudPhotos"* (no space!).

  • The Directory Opus location was also a tiny bit hidden:

  1. Open Directory Opus Preferences
  2. Search for cloud
  3. In the highlighted window double click the "cloud sync_paths" and add each path containing cloud folders, (one path per line, no quotation marks needed)

Now I have my status iCons for both OneDrive and For my iCloud Photos!

Again thanks Leo. Your help, as always,is very much appreciated!

*I subsequently learned that the Desktop.ini file includes a parameter that can control the display of a foldername: LocalizedResourceName=iCloud Photos
So even though the folder is truly named "iCloudPhotos", it displays as "iCloud Photos".

I've split this into a separate thread so that anyone else searching for help with iCloud might have a hope of finding it, instead of it being in a long and largely obsolete thread about OneDrive.