How to implement a button for MP3Tag?

Hi, yes, I am becoming lazy it'd appear. Instead of developing stuff myself, I resort to asking this community to come to the rescue. I'll state my case:

• I consider MP3Tag the best tag editor these days. It's fast, efficient, free.
• I'd like to see a button than when one chooses a folder containing untagged music files (or poorly tagged for that matter), would simply load those files onto MP3Tag.

All quite simple, but after looking around I haven't found a button for this app. I did find a handy plugin for dbPowerAmp Reference (which I love and enjoy everyday), but unfortunately my system is Win7 x64.

So, could some kindhearted soul post the code to this handy button?

Thanks very much. I'm growing quite fond of this community - which I recently discovered - and I plan on contrbuting in the near future in some (hopefully) useful fashion.

I've posted an MP3Tag button here:

[Load current directory into MP3Tag)