How to index Onedrive in OPUS 12?

I do not find the way to index onecloud by OPUS. For the other files, I can find within 2 seconds. But not with One Drive. The software must always search in every directory and it is really long. How to do it?

If you use the Windows Search field (top-right of the default toolbars) then that should be indexed, assuming Windows Search is configured to index your OneDrive folders.

On the other hand, the Tools > Find Files functionality never uses an index (at least currently).

Does OPUS not create and use his own indexation?
All the other files are so quick to be fund

Opus doesn't create its own search index, no. Opus can use Windows Search for doing indexed searches, but doesn't try to recreate what it does. (Using the Everything search tool is another popular thing for some people on the forum. There's a thread with info on integrating that with Opus if you're interested.)

Please tell me which one. initially, I did not want to have a double indexation, in order not to slow down my PC. I changed my parameter in Windows Search. I will test it again tomorrow

These are the two most popular threads about using Everything with Opus, I think:

I installed Everything program. But what is not clear, how to be sure that OPUS will use this indexation?

The posts I linked go into that in great detail. (And I personally know very little about it, as I don't use it.)

Please ask your colleague. I tried to follow the explanations but it does not work. Everything works really good. But I want to use inside OPUS.

Nothing is really clear in the forum.

None of us who work on Opus use Everything, but it's popular with lots of other users, who seem to have worked it out from those threads. If you are stuck, try asking in the thread and someone who knows more about it may be able to help.

But for your team, it will be easy to understand how to implement properly. From my point of view, it is important to have a quick indexation in your software, as Copernic has done.

If I may, I'd like to insert an observation. Windows Search indexes your computer's files. It is built into Windows and while it can be disabled, it can't be uninstalled. These days, it is relatively low impact (that wasn't always the case).

Everything is an excellent tool that you must install.

The difference is:

  • Windows Search is pre-installed on your computer and Directory Opus directly integrates that index in its own search feature (not the Find feature...the Search feature).

  • Everything is something you must download and install. You must also follow the instructions in the two threads Leo linked in order to use Everything inside Directory Opus. Adding Everything was a volunteer effort put together by your fellow Directory Opus users, not by the developers.

May I suggest that Windows Search would be an easier option for you since it is already integrated?

OK, I start with Windows Search and we will see