How to install fonts


If I want to install a font, I right-click on it, and on the menu I have the choice to install the font. But if I select more than one font, if I do a right-click, the menu don't show me anymore the option to install them.
So for now I have to install them one by one, or to use the Windows Explorer.
But I am sure there is a way to do it with DO. But I don't know how. Someone can help me ??

Thank you !!

Here is an example, how to add a new command button, using the Copy INSTALLFONT command, which should do, what you want. You don't even need to specify the destination, the code will take care of that.

[url]How to use buttons and scripts from this forum]

Ps, as the help file indicates, it should work for all selected font files in just one go.

The right-click, Install menu item for fonts (which is part of Windows) will appear for multiple files, as long as they are the same type.

e.g. If you have a mix of e.g. .TTF and .FON files, select & install all the .TTF ones, then do the .FON ones separately.

The Type column is displayed by default, so clicking its header to sort by it is probably your quickest way to group the files.

If the Type column is hidden, or if it shows the same thing for two different extensions, you can quickly sort the file display by extension by holding Shift and then clicking the Name column header. The arrow will point sideways to indicate this special mode.

Abr's suggestion of adding a button which runs Copy INSTALLFONT should also work, and might be preferable if you often need to install lots of fonts with a mixture of extensions.

A third way: I think you can also drag files to an Explorer window which is showing the Fonts folder. (Also works with an Opus window, but you need to make sure Opus is displaying Fonts as a virtual folder, not the real/phyical directory, while Explorer can only display it as one. That's configured under Preferences / Folders / Virtual Folders, by selecting either Treat all "virtual filesystem folders" as virtual, or by selecting Treat specific virtual folders as real... and making sure Fonts is not in the list.)

Thanks for the informations.
If Windows Explorer can install fonts which are not the same kind, I thought DO could do too...

So I tried the button which runs Copy INSTALLFONT, but there is something strange.
If I copy the fonts with it, I don't see them on the fonts folder. It look like they are not installed, but if I try to install them again, it says they already exist. If I reboot my computer, I can see them. The same if I try to erase them.
If I try to install them with a right-click, I don't need to reboot to see them. I can see them at once in the fonts folder.
So what is bad with this, is I can't use them without reboot...

You can't see them in the folder that was already open (does refreshing or opening a new window fix it?), or do they not appear in font selectors which are opened afterwards as well?

They don't appear even when I close all the windows and open them again.
I made another test. I installed some fonts and wait 10-15 minutes but nothing happen, they didn't appear "by magic". Only reboot make them visible.
Another thing... When I try to delete a font, I have to do it 2 times. At first I right-click on a font and I choose to delete, a window open to ask if I am sure to delete, I click yes, but it looks nothing happen. I close the window, open it again, but the font is still here. I try to delete it again, and this time there is no windows to ask if I am sure and the font disappear.

To be precise, if I make a right click and choose to install the font with menu (which is part of Windows you said), everything is fine. I can see the font appear in the folder and I can delete it normally.
All this really happen when I use DO to install fonts.