How to make all files with the same extension invisible?


I would like to know how to make all the files in my PC that have a certain same extension (*.ii) automatically invisible with DO. I work with IconWorkshop and it creates a cache file for each of my icons. It's quite annoying to open a folder and see all those cache files everywhere. I'm sure DO can hide them, but I have no idea how to do it. Please help.


If you always want it to be this way then you'd probably do well to take a look at Nudel's HOW TO: Understand and Configure Folder Formats FAQ. Once you're familiar with using Folder Formats, you'll want to look at the 'Filters' tab in Folder Formats and add *.ii to the 'Hide Filter'...

Otherwise, you can add the new File Filter Field to a toolbar somewhere for 'on the fly filtering'. You can read more about that in the Opus 82 Changes.pdf located in the programs installation folder.

Thanks, Steje! Woks perfectly!

Awesome... another FAQ success story :slight_smile:.