How to...? Name/save column layouts

After I have set up a column layout by adding columns to a file list, what is the best way to save it with a name and later apply the same column layout to a different folder "on the fly"?


First, create the format as a Favorite Format (via Preferences - Folders - Folder Formats, then click on the New icon).

Then add this command to a toolbar or menu, to get a list of formats:


You can also make buttons which apply a specific named format if you don't want the full list.

Well. I have read the folder format FAQ and it has been a little bit enlightening. Apparently you cannot directly save "by example" from the lister. If you just build the column layout directly in the Folder Options dialog, you can't name it at all, and you can't save it without first applying it to one or more folders (which will change their defaults)!!!

So, for creating named permanent column layouts you want to apply ad hoc, you shouldn't start by configuring the list directly (even though you can). Instead, you should display Preferences>Folders>Folder Formats first and then config column layouts from there. Once you have saved into one of the categories, the new folder format will appear in the toolbar "Folder appearance and settings" dropdown control (Properties FOLDEROPTIONS), with favorites listed at the top, and after all that you'll have a named copy you can apply to any folder any time.

Note that you can copy and paste (with a new name) between Folder Format groups in Preferences. That helps a lot.

This method works OK, but seem backwards/unnecessarily complicated to me. It makes more sense IMHO to start with the current folder, configure it, then simply save the format with a name for use later.

Maybe a custom button script could do that.

Thanks Leo... our posts must have crossed on the way!!! :slight_smile:

You can always save the format for the current folder temporarily, then copy and paste the format over another one in Preferences.

I agree though, you probably should be able to save new Favorite Formats from the Folder Options dialog.