How to Remove the "Auto-Size" Column Default for All Folders

In past versions of Dopus I have always setup each main folder's display features and saved them "for all subfolders" as a quick way to get most of my folders looking like I want them. However it hasn’t worked for me at all in Dopus 11. I finally discovered that ALL my folders have the "Auto-Size" columns checkbox checked by default on the Display tab in Folder Options. In the Help file it mentions ways to globally change this, I think via a command editor. (??) Trying to find how exactly to do that has me pretty baffled at this point! While the Help file is excellent in a lot of areas, it appears to be kinda "coder-oriented" for some tasks, like the internal command usage.

I am hoping that someone with a whole lot more understanding of the command reference code can tell me a relatively easy way - in plain English - to remove the Auto-Size column setting globally for my folders. Otherwise I'd like to enroll in the next Dopus Command Editor Tutorial Course!

Thank you.


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