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HOW TO: Rename or move music files based on MP3 tags


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This is easy to do with Opus and is described in the PDF manual under Predefined Commands - File Commands - Rename. At the time this FAQ was written the information is on page 141 (page 150 in Adobe Reader since it also counts the unnumbered pages at the start of the manual).

Below is an excerpt but there's much more information in the full manual:


The Advanced Rename dialog lets you rename files using information from the files themselves. It is possible to use any of the Lister information fields as input for the Rename routine – for example, file date, MP3 tag information, EXIF tags, etc.

To use this function you must first turn on the Enable file information fields option in the Advanced Rename dialog. A drop-down list button will appear next to the “new name” field. Use this drop-down list to insert the desired field codes. For example, you could rename MP3 files using their tags as follows:

Old name: *.mp3
New name: {mp3album} - {mp3artist} - {mp3title}.mp3

Rename can also create sub-directories automatically. For example,

Old name: *.mp3
New name: {mp3album}{mp3artist}{mp3title}.mp3

This would let you automatically sort a collection of MP3 files into sub-folders based on their MP3 tags.


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