How to switch tabs by rotating the scroll wheel on the tab bar

When there are many tabs, I want to be able to use the mouse wheel to switch. I know this need has been mentioned by a lot of people, but I didn't see an answer, hope it can be improved, or is there a script to achieve this

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Are there any mouse action mapping options like the big list of hotkeys in customize? All I can find are a couple of checkboxes in File Displays - Mouse.

I have a couple of mice with a wheel that also rocks sideways (because scrolling left and right sucks, and this makes it suck far less). Maybe until all the mouse inputs are configurable like hotkeys, it'd be nice if there were a few checkboxes in File Displays - Mouse for side-scrolling.

[ ] Mouse wheel left/right + Ctrl to cycle through folder tabs
[ ] Mouse wheel left/right + Shift to cycle through lister windows

We'll add this in a future update.

That said, if you often have enough tabs open that you need it, you might want to consider moving the tab bar to the left or right (instead of the top or bottom), as that already supports the mouse wheel and also lets you fit more tabs on screen at once while still being able to read their names.

When the tab bar is on the side, the mouse wheel does not appear to cycle through tabs. It may scroll the window, but it doesn't switch. (and it eats a ton of horizontal space)

In the end, on the PC with a permanently-connected mouse that scrolls sideways (my other one lives in my laptop bag), I set Key Manager to send CTRL + Arrow Left/Right to Dopus instead of the normal side scrolling events and the tab switching is really nice.

This is just to scroll the tab bar when too many tabs are open to see them all.

Switching tabs via mousewheel on its own seems like something that would be too easy to do accidentally, as well as not being standard in things like Chrome at least.

On my last two mice, I have configured them so that holding the mouse's "shift" button (different name on different mice, but the same concept) makes the mousewheel send Ctrl+Page Up and Ctrl+Page Down for switching tabs in pretty much all software, including Opus and Chrome. (And "shift"+RMB does Ctrl+F4 to close the current tab.)