How to universally and permanently hide the file type column

The file type column just takes up precious real estate on my screen - I know what the file is based on the icon. I am unable to figure out how to permanently hide it or save the preference now to show it so I don't have to do it every time the program opens or in each folder/subfolder, etc. Any assistance with this is appreciated.

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Sorry, I do not see how to get to the screen shown in the link you sent below "Sub-Directories", for c:/ - Edit Format (which would allow me to choose columns and then use the selected as the default for all folders off the root c:......
I've gone down several rabbit holes in the DO menu structure and just don't see it. Thanks if you can give me a blow-by-blow of the menu selections, etc. that get me there and that should do it. Thank you.

That's described in the second step in the linked FAQ.

Thanks, that worked!