How use toolbar quick rename from clipboard and ignore extension

I want to rename the file from the clipboard, but I'm having a bit of a problem.
From Clipboard or File v4.0 can be works, but it can't ignore name extension, causing my name extension to be lost.
Another method is the official renaming, but the operation is very complicated。
Therefore, I want to ask for help.Fix From Clipboard or File v4.0 can't ignore name extension problem,Or set the official function as a toolbar button or shortcut key
In addition, my English is not good, this passage from the translation software, if the expression is not clear, please forgive me

Do you only want to rename one file at a time, or a list of files?

If a list, is the aim to give them all the same name from a single clipboard string (plus their old extensions), or do you want the clipboard to contain one line per file?

thanks ,i want rename one file at a time,but I need to use this feature often,So it bothers me

Have you tried Inline Rename?

Thanks for your help, but this is not the feature I need

But isn't that done by selecting a new filename or how do you get the new file name in the clipboard?

Step 1 - getting the new filename from my text editor by selecting and pressing CTRL+C


Step 2 - changing to the folder and selecting file


Step 3 - pressing the F2 key
... once


... twice

... three times (for the young'uns) thrice for those of my age :wink:

Step 4 - hit CTRL+V

Step 4 - one ENTER or LEFT-CLICK outside the name field

I surely misunderstood your question ...

With the file selected, just push F2 then Ctrl+V.

The text in the clipboard will be pasted over the file's name, while the file's old extension is preserved.

You could make a button or hotkey to streamline it slightly, if you really want to save an extra keypress, but it's already very quick for a single file. I use it all the time myself.

(Unless you have a keyboard without function keys, maybe. Those are all the rage these days, and I don't understand why, as the function keys are essential. :))

I don't understand what you are asking for either. But I don't think changing my script (From Clipboard or File v4.0) would help. It doesn't know anything about file name extensions, it only transforms text. It is the rename dialog that determines what text to transform and what to do with the result.

Maybe this option in the dialog would help:

Rename from clipboard.dcf (354 Bytes)

How to use buttons and scripts from this forum - Buttons/Scripts - Directory Opus Resource Centre (


That checkbox won't apply to Rename Scripts, only to what the dialog itself does.

The script can choose how to handle extensions, and the objects Opus provides give easy ways to get the desired parts and later join them back together.

(But, for a single file, a script isn't really needed here.)

Thank you again for your answer. In fact, using F2 is indeed more convenient. My distress stems from the inconvenience of clicking on the file name with the mouse, and now using F2 is much more convenient. Although I didn't get the answer I wanted, it was enough.

Thanks for your kind answer

Oh, my God, you solved my problem perfectly, and I'm thrilled. Thank you very much for your kind heart

@galaxyhub + @millionz

Reading about this "problem" first made me smile. I was quite satisfied hitting F2 three times and CTRL+V once.

Now I use your button permanently.
It is a great time saver!
Thank you very much :smiley:

You can change what's initially selected when you push F2, FWIW.

Also, Ctrl+A/F/E will select all, filename, or extension.

In fact, there is a "copy" button in the forum.But I can't remember which post.Copy and paste no longer need shortcut keys, just two buttons