Howto: filter/search for keyboard shortcut

In the keyboard map dialog, there is a very convenient filter option to quickly isolate the definition of any given shortcut key. However, more often I find myself wanted to filter by the name of the shortcut. That is, I will often wonder whether there is a shortcut key for some operation X.

Is there any way to filter (or search) the keyboard shortcut names?

(For instance, right now I'm wondering which rename operations have assigned shortcut keys, and I'd like to filter the list of shortcut operations via the string "rename". Any way to do this?)

Not currently. The filter there only works on the hotkeys themselves.

OK, so even if the filter doesn't work, is there any way to get a text file output containing the list of shortcut keys so that I can search it in my text editor?
If not, I'd like to please advance this filter option as a feature request.

In the hotkey window, File -> Export Keys will allow you to export the list in a few different formats.

Thanks! The export solves the problem for now, and allows me to search in my text editor for relevant hotkeys.

Still, I think it would be a worthy feature to add an option to filter on hotkey name. On the other hand, it's certainly not a critical item; for instance, the on-the-fly zoom feature, which we discussed recently in another thread [Font Size / Zoom Level in Commander Layout] and for a which a number of other users also expressed support there, is a much more important feature, in my opinion, since it affects day-to-day workflow.