I thought Save As in Office Programs would open Opus

Hi all,

I'm a new Opus User, I did a search and could not find this...

I was under the assumption that when I went to save an office document, word, excel, etc. that Opus would open and not Windows Explorer. I have played with the settings in preferences but no luck, even after a few reboots.


DOpus does not replace the save dialogs in windows - but you can use this to access DOpus favorites from the standard save dialogs.


I don't know if this will work with Office though as it uses it's own ridiculous save dialogs.

Thanks! I thought so...it was driving me crazy!

A Directory Opus styled Open Save Dialog box would completely rock. 8)

Would it be hard to achieve ?

Windows dialog boxes are really poorly designed. :angry:

I have been using File-Ex http://www.cottonwoodsw.com/ for years and can't navigate without it - even it now is a little outdated!

If Opus was to integrate that feature, i might reconsider to go for Opus.
I find Opus great, if you stick to default settings, but trying to significant alter the settings it is not working properly.

I've significantly edited my settings without any problems, as have most of the other people here. What stopped working and what did you change when it happened?

Change Settings? Me? :smiling_imp: I've changed so many settings in my Opus configuration, that I really have no clue what the default settings even were. I have to go to Virtual PC to look at them.